I’m looking forward to our upcoming session together.

Just a quick heads up on how we’ll connect:

Plan A – Skype

The most reliable way we can talk is via Skype. Please add me to your Skype Contacts list, search for ‘jamiemckean’ and you’ll find me – I’m the one in New Zealand. You’ll need to have a working microphone, and if you want to share video, then a webcam too.

Plan B – Go To Webinar

If for some reason you don’t have skype, then my team can setup a Go To Webinar invitation for our session together – if you need this, please email my assistant (projects at to have this setup prior to our session.

Plan C – Teleconference

If you have an issue with your computer and you’ll need to dial in via a phone, then we’ll use a teleconference line.

Click on this link and choose the number that’s closest to you: Teleconference Numbers

And make a note of this PIN code that you’ll need to dial into our meeting: 692907# 

If you have any questions, do email my assistant (projects at, otherwise I look forward to talking to you soon!