Music – DJ Jamie Thomas – Waikato

To share a little of what I enjoy to do outside of Online Marketing…

…aside from:

  • my family (who I live with in New Zealand),
  • 3 young kids (who keep growing as we keep feeding them!?!),
  • travelling (in 2018 we’re on a 10 month road trip around Europe),
  • staying across all new marketing and tech developments (because that’s what I do),
  • there’s also music:

I started DJing, like most others, in my bedroom, in 1996.

I was already working in the nightclub scene as a barman, so very quickly got opportunities to DJ to crowds.

In 1999 I won regional DJ competitions with DJ Magazine (UK).

By 2000, I’d moved my music to London, and had a residency in the West End of London.

I was offered full-time DJ work in both London and Mexico, but instead chose to stick with my corporate career, and kept DJing in London, and internationally when I travelled.

The largest crowd I’ve DJd too is close to a thousand, and performed in 6 countries so far.

In December, 2003 I moved to New Zealand, started a family and a business, and music took a back seat for a while.

In Q4, 2017, I’ve put music back on my priority list, and started DJing locally here in Cambridge (Good Union) and looking to work with the right venues for either temporary cover, or potentially a longer-term setup.

If you’re looking for a DJ in the Waikato (or when I’m travelling abroad), then I can bring Soulful, Vocal and Funky House music to your evening.

I’ve also DJd corporate, themed and milestone events (40ths/weddings/etc), so can help with those too!

Just get in touch via my contact form here: Get In Touch