What Am I Doing Now?

What is Jamie doing Now?

This page is all about what’s happening ‘now’ – many times in conversations, we only get to talk about tip-of-the-iceberg pieces – here’s a look at what’s going on underneath the surface…

The past few years have been quite busy!

Short version:

5 different houses,
“? #” different lockdowns (we stopped counting haven’t you),
one new home purchased,
one new amazing partner,
and one much happier dad and human (that’s me!)

As for my business, my team and I have been helping a small number of thought leaders reach a large number of people through launches.

It’s called the “Launch Model”

Ideally it’s an 8-10 week process.

The first 4-6 weeks, designing and building the environments, then 2 weeks of prelaunch, where we usually get 200-250K subscribers, then 2 weeks of delivering what’s been promised to the audience. This usually leads to 7 figures of revenue for our clients – whether in a docuseries model, or live streaming.


We work with a varied number of thought leaders, influencers, and topic experts – delivering their marketing completely or integrating with their existing team to help them with Strategy, Marketing, and Technology. Usually helping define the strategy, and then designing marketing, (both via myself and my team of strategists) with the technology architected and then implemented to support it (by my implementation team).

We do this all through The Leverage Model.

A small sample of some of our current and past clients include:

Segmetrics, Nathan Crane, The Sacred Plant/Cause Health Marketing, The Sacred Science, New Life Promise, DSOA, Million Dollar Builders Coach – Kurt, Steven Cawiezell, UGURUS, Art of AntiAging & Purity Woods, Chef AJ, Taki Moore, David Centner, Zappy Zapolin, Peter, Cyril Peupion, Organnix, Jonathan Otto,and many more.

I also put together training to help people to learn about Crypto Currency, following the journey I am on to create generational wealth for my own daughters, and sharing it with our team. This is being shared via my YouTube channel here: Introduction to Crypto.

Latest (Projects)

We’ve been working on our new SAAS platform – AutomationWorx – where our vision is to help many more people with our own Marketing Automation platform.

There are many other projects in the pipeline, but these above are the focus for the team and I, and once they’re in place, you’ll see the next batch added here.

Last Updated June 23

Side note: This page is inspired by Derek Sivers, and you can find more about that here: Now