A Lesson in Trust through your Marketing

I teach my clients about building trust and credibility, and I’ll share one of the lessons with you here:

When someone starts to show interest in your product or service, they’ll want to check you out.

When they check you out, you want to give them an opportunity to get a good understanding of who you are, what you have to offer them, and in general answer the question: Are you good at what you do so you can help me?

They’ll want to make sure you’re the type of person that they could:

  • Resonate with
  • Understand
  • Start to trust
  • and ultimately, potentially get some great results with

Most Sales and Marketing Experts teach their own way of doing this, and those ways vary across the map.

The more you learn about me, the more you’ll understand that I walk the talk with everything I do.

If I haven’t tested it myself (or seen it tested and watched the results), I don’t recommend it to my clients.

Fancy a bit of Fun?

One piece of my Marketing is a bi-weekly event, where I spend time on the phone with you (and others).

I share a Marketing strategy I’ve recently seen that works, and that you could potentially apply into your business straight away. I usually spend time on the call tailoring those strategies to each person on the call, assuming time allows.

To spend time with me otherwise starts at $495 for 2 hours at my place, but you possibly don’t know me well enough yet, or know if I can help you, or know if I’m any good at what I do…

…which is why I’d like to extend an invitation to you to join me live at Marketing Can Be Fun!

Every two weeks, for an hour, I bring a Marketing Idea that’ll:

  • Inject fun into your business,
  • Help you enjoy marketing more
  • Give you the ability to get better at marketing
  • Leading to better marketing and better results for you and your business

Not bad for free hey!

Visit the home of Marketing Can Be Fun! and signup, and I’ll email you a reminder when the next session is on: Marketing Ideas at Marketing Can Be Fun