Profit Partnership

The profit partnership was conceived over 18 months ago when I was trying to work out how to make normally high-end high-cost consulting services affordable to small business owners.

I was able to do this by sharing the risk with a business owner, rather than letting the business owner take all the risk.

Having a retainer plus profit share, meant I could be rewarded on results, that ensures I deliver the very best business growth ideas from day 1.


The profit share is only on profits over and above targets that business owners wouldn’t usually be able to achieve without my help.

With this concept, business owners have gone on to achieve greater things and we’ve been able to share in the profits for a true win-win scenario.

So let me ask you: If I gave you $20 for every $5 you gave me, how many $5 would you like to give me? And when would you like to start?

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