The History of Man Flu

What’s Man Flu All About? So, where does Man Flu come from? Was it in the 1800’s when some bloke lay on the couch and had one of those old fashioned brass bells and rung it and his wife came, and he thought to himself “Wow, this actually works”; and then he started to tell […]

Life Can Be So Short, Can’t it?

I’m watching Fabrice Maumba – a Sporting Moment – the Premiership footballer who had a heart attack in the middle of an FA Cup Semi Final football game… It was 17th March 2012 It was live on TV In front of more than thirty thousand spectators Parents, Children, Different supporters, all shouting his name, clapping, […]

A Drinking or Friend Problem? The joy of an Entrepreneur…

The Solo Journey… I sat on the couch last night, unwinding after a productive day, beer in hand, and thought to myself: I’m sitting here drinking alone in an evening. Do I have a drinking problem or a friend problem? It’s 9.30pm, and there’s plenty of beer in the fridge for me… …so it’s definitely […]