Va Va Voom! – How to Sell A Car

Here’s how to sell a car – how could any man say no? Question: Will it make you want to buy a Renault Clio? Answer: Probably not… …but would you share the video with your friends, and over time would they then look at the Renault garage a second and third time as they drove […]

Willpower – How’s yours?

Why is Willpower so Hard? I’m sitting here reading a book by the same name: “Willpower: Rediscovering our Greatest Strength” It’s a great read so far. 40% through (thanks Kindle for keeping me on track!) And its funny I say that, because I’ve just finished reading the part about how to keep yourself on track: […]

[Video] What Happens To Your Business If Something Happens To You?

In this video: 00:54    What happens to your business if something happens to you? 01:40    What will be needed as a minimum to close out your business? 02:41    Marketing Specials at Christmas (B 2 C) 03:17    Great opportunity to get yourself ready to beat the competition in the new year 03:40   […]

A Drinking or Friend Problem? The joy of an Entrepreneur…

The Solo Journey… I sat on the couch last night, unwinding after a productive day, beer in hand, and thought to myself: I’m sitting here drinking alone in an evening. Do I have a drinking problem or a friend problem? It’s 9.30pm, and there’s plenty of beer in the fridge for me… …so it’s definitely […]