[Video] What If Your Business Grew Ten Fold?

In this video: 00:49 Thanks to my friends at New Zealand Chiropractic College 00:59 What happens if a part of my business was to expand ten times? 01:21 The 7 Steps I Use To Help Others 01:35 What are the right types of offers for your perfect type of person? 02:18 To double your business […]

Congrats to the NZCC Graduates!!

This has been specially prepared for those who attended the New Zealand Chiropractic College Graduation event last weekend, where I was honoured to be the Commencement Speaker: Click Here To Download The 15 Traits: [button link=”https://jamiemckean.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/NZCC-The-15-traits-of-self-made-millionaires.pdf”]The 15 Traits of Self Made Millionaires[/button]

zumodrive and dropbox comparison

Zumodrive and Dropbox Comparison – So which is best? In a simple answer for the zumodrive and dropbox comparison: It depends what you need them for. What were my needs? I run: 2 apple mac laptops at home and 2 iphones, with wireless and 3G, though broadband in New Zealand isn’t the fastest it is in […]