[Video] How to Help Your Clients Be More Self Sufficient (and 5 More Tips)

  In this video: 00:29   How to help your customers be more self-sufficient 00:45   An example from ProfitPartnershipOnline.com 01:32    How to never forget an idea in the shower again! 02:08   How to protect your website – 4 tips 03:18    A great tool to get into your business today 03:54   The passing of Zig Ziglar […]

The New Way of Networking – Creating Connections

The New Way of Networking I was asked recently to help train a group of business owners as part of the local Chamber of Commerce here in Cambridge, NZ. I really enjoyed the event – 40 people there, and aside from almost burning myself because I lingered too much in front of the open fire, […]