How to build Trust and Credibility with your Prospects

Life’s about sharing isn’t it?

I’d love to share a lesson with you from my own business, to help you with yours, and as part of the lesson offer you access to one of my Flagship programmes at no cost to you.

The topic: Trust and Credibility. why should someone trust you?

This’ll take 1 minute to read, but it could be the best investment of 1 minute you make today… 

Why You Might Be Struggling Today 

One key lesson for us to help more people in our business is to build trust and credibility proportional to the price point of our offers. 

What do I mean by that? 

Here’s an example to help explain: 
1. You’re going to really struggle to sell someone a $5,000 item, if they’ve only known you for 5 minutes, but 

2. In that 5 minute impression, you might be able to build enough trust and credibility to sell something for under $100 

3. As the trust and credibility grows over time, that same person might pay you $500 for something, then after seeing more results, they’d happily spend $1,000 (and so it continues, as long as you keep getting results for them that far exceeds their investment (i.e. you can go higher than the original $5,000)). 

But not at the start. 

And if you’re trying that today, you’re likely struggling. 

Worse still if you’re paying someone to give you advice, and they’re telling you to try and sell a high priced product out of the gate,… well, I won’t go there. 

The progression from ‘just-getting-to-know-you’ through to ‘I’ll buy from you’ to ‘I’ll buy your highest priced item please’ is a both a logical progression and human nature, and it has a name. 

The Way To Stop Struggling

Well I’ve given it a name: 

The Success Escalator The Success Escalator by Jamie McKean

The “Success Escalator” – having a way to help those interested in what you have to offer a way to help themselves up your Success Escalator, so you’re waiting at the top to great them with your highest price point offer. 

I’d normally draw that to explain it, but hopefully that makes sense? 🙂 

And today, I want to help you half way up my own Success Escalator. 


My Flagship Programme – Instant Access 

I’d love to give you access to one of my Flagship programmes, at no cost to you. 

FastTrack Access 

FastTrack is a programme I built from the ground up, to help answer the questions like: 
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3. I want to run a webinar, but I don’t know where to start 

4. How do I build a Membership site to give me recurring income? 

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Why Am I Giving This Away? 

Why am I giving a programme that took me almost 6 weeks to build, away for free? 

Three reasons: 
1. I’m spending more time with my consulting clients and growing my own team to deliver great results there, and 

2. I’m building my group coaching/mentoring programmes which are seeing life changing results for those involved, 

3. And so by giving one of my Flagship programmes that up until today has been paid access only, I’m helping more people get results, get access to me, to learn from me, and in turn, help more people trust in me, so they will want to talk to me about #1 and #2 above. 

I say ‘they’… 

…I mean you 🙂 

So what are you waiting for? 




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And start getting to grips with how technology can help you in your business… 

Have a great day! 

Bye for now 

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