Life Can Be So Short, Can’t it?

I’m watching Fabrice Maumba – a Sporting Moment – the Premiership footballer who had a heart attack in the middle of an FA Cup Semi Final football game…

Fabrice Muamba

Fabrice Muamba

It was 17th March 2012

It was live on TV

In front of more than thirty thousand spectators

Parents, Children, Different supporters, all shouting his name, clapping, willing him to be ok

38 defibrillator shocks

CPR for more than an hour

…the doctor just said: “He had no heart beat for 78 minutes”

How Can That Be?

How can someone not have a heart beat for 78 minutes and then live to tell the tale?

The top heart specialist was asked: “What would you expect if someone didn’t have a heart beat for 78 minutes?”

“I’d expect damage”

“Brain damage”

“Heart damage”

Assuming he lived…

He should have died.

He Should Be Dead

He didn’t by the way – he’s sitting on a couch telling us the story of what happened, how he felt, how he had double vision – how he woke up 2 days later…


Not only that story, but what he’s gone on to do to help others in and outside of football.

You’re probably wondering, like I was: How’s he still alive today?

Three reasons:
1. He was really physically fit before his heart attack
2. He’s retired from football (at the ripe old age of 24)
3. And he’s now got a ‘second heart’ fitted into his chest…

…a piece of technology that regulates his heart, keeping a steady rhythm, keeping him alive.

And the segue from a moving story into a productive one?

…if a piece of technology can keep a person alive, what do you think it can do if you use it properly for your business?

Design your own rhythm.

Automate It.

Then go on to do bigger and better things…

See an example of how, here: Awesome Automation Experience

p.s. remember, its football, not soccer – right? 🙂