Many Entrepreneurial Lessons Wrapped Up In One Place

I was going to write this on Tuesday, when I first read the news.

But I wanted to wait until today for a reason.

It’s about a guy who died.

And yes, it’s sad.

Very moving.

But more importantly, it’s what you can take from his journey to inspire other people, to make sure we’ve got the right things in place ourselves.

(I figured the end of the week would give you the weekend to contemplate)

Here’s a blog post from one of my regular reads (ZenHabits) to explain what happened: Scott

Here’s his last ever blog post, about ‘getting off the grid to reconnect’: Live Your Legend Blog

Here’s a short video, entitled ‘look up’, about not missing out – it starts with “I have 433 friends, but I’m lonely…”:

And once you’ve been moved by those (as I was), make sure you (re)watch the video with David and I here, and have an answer to the one question, for you, your family and your business: The One Question