The Step-by-Step On How To Help More People

I’ve been called some interesting names lately:

youre bigger than the names your called

you can always be bigger than other people think

  • A junior hubspot
  • A few names comparing me to some big names in the industry
  • And one of the big names in the industry even said “you’ve got what it takes to be bigger than me Jamie”

That’s nice.

Actually, it’s really nice.

(and this is only going to be about me for a tiny bit longer, then it’s all about you)

All this really nice feedback of people who are seeing how I work, who I help, the results I help people get.

That then feeds into this question: “How the Bleedin ‘ell am I going to do it then?”


How can you be bigger than the big names already out there?

Off the top of my head: Ingredients to be successful:
1. Have a solid work ethic
2. Be true to who you are
3. Find your built in talents that you were born with, and harness them for good
4. Work out how you can turn those talents into your professional
5. Then, as a professional, help a certain type of person, who you can do your very best work with
6. Get, and continue to get, great results for those you serve
7. Work out ways to help even more of those who you’re designed to serve

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Just seven steps. 🙂

I guess when anything is laid out as steps in front of you, it does seem easier.

You Can Copy Success

That’s because someone’s been there before

“Success leaves tracks”

It certainly does.

But how do you take advantage of that (in a nice way)?

How can you work out what is the best way for you to be ultimately successful?

The Lightbulb-Heart-Stopping Moment

That’s the question I’ve been consumed with for the past few days – all because I had a lightbulb moment so bright i had to sit down


It stopped me, and has consumed almost every moment of thinking time – front brain, back brain, all bits of brain – trying to work it out

All because I’d set myself a goal when I started in business – A goal that I thought was so big, it would take me quite a good portion of the rest of my life to achieve:

“I want to help 100,000 others!” I’d proclaimed

Pretty big goal, isn’t it?

Can A Goal Be Too Big?

Not sure where it came from – it just popped into my head, I said it out loud, and from that day forth, it was my goal in life to do.

It just felt right.

But you know what? I achieved it last week.

I was helping a business owner. An entrepreneur in his own right, who setup on his own because he wanted the extra choices in life that an entrepreneurial spirit can give you.

And in one moment – a mixture of experience, listening and repeating back his thoughts… I helped him create a new business

A business that has the ability to help more than 100,000 people by itself.

The same business that minutes before was happy to be helping 400-500. Happy just going with the flow, not truly appreciating the acres of diamonds at his own feet, and how if he thought differently, how he could directly help 100,000 others.

And now he realised it too.


What a moment.

For him and me.

For him, where now he’s got a business that can earn 500,000 pounds a year – mostly passive!

For me, from the point I wanted to help others, to 8 years later now being able to say “I’ve achieved my goal of helping 100,000 others!”

Right then.

So now what?

After You’ve Reached Your Goal, What Happens Next?

I’d love to share something really personal with you, if that’s ok…

…when I realised what I’d done.
…the point of getting my goal…
there was a strange feeling.

It felt like a vacuum.

An empty space.

The same place that used to be filled with a clear goal.

And Next?


It’s really strange

The Next ‘Big’ Idea

And then almost within an instant, that vacuum is filled with a single idea – I’ll liken it to the spark of a lighter…

…quite a strong spark, which lit a fuse…

it only takes one spark for a big idea

it only takes one spark for a big idea

This was the spark:

“Now I’ve helped 100,000, how could I help others help 100,000?”

Bugger – Big Spark – Big question.

And with a big question comes years of ideas flooding into a space not designed to hold that many ideas.

No jokes please 🙂

And so what did I do?

Get as much of it out of my head as possible…

  • Writing
  • Drawing
  • Talking
  • Soundboarding
  • Narrating…

…seeing if what’s in my head resonates with others around me – others who have businesses similar in size to mine – those too who have multi-million dollar businesses and very large followings already…

  • testing
  • bouncing
  • seeing what sticks
  • uncovering pieces that should be scraped off early
  • spotting the diamonds shining through…

And there’s a good number of shining stones being collected as I work through this

But I’m also mindful that whilst almost everyone I’ve shared this concept with – the how I think it’ll hang together – how I really can help those who want to help others, help huge amounts of others –

(Remember, this is about you learning how to help even more people than you do today – It’s not about me)

Getting Feedback Early On New Ideas Is Important

All I do know is this:

As I’ve shared the HOW I’d help others do this, the feedback has been amazing.

Overwhelming, almost.

Scary, definitely.

Especially when one said “you’ll be creating a movement Jamie, a movement of those who innately want to help others”

Scary’s a good thing, right? 🙂

(It’s even strange for me to write ‘movement’ by the way)

It all hinges on one thing:
“How many people truly want to help other people?”

How Many People Do Want to Help Others?

More importantly it’s this question:

If I could give you an ability:
1. To learn what works
2. Whilst Helping Others
3. To Help Even More People
4. Through a step-by-step ‘Recipe’
5. Which would lead to a snowball effect for your own success, as you’re quickly identifying what does and doesn’t work for you…

…would you be interested?

I ask because it’s still going to take quite a bit of work my side to pull this together, so I’ll go all in on this, if there’s enough people who let me know they’ll relish the opportunity to help even more people.

How Much Would This Cost?

As a footnote to this, after I’d read this through for the first time, I asked “How much will it cost”, so to answer:

I have some work to do before I’ll have that figured out, but I have decided how it will start. I’m going to help people who come to me get to help their first 100 people at absolutely no cost. That means two things to me: First, it’s helping you get your own snowball rolling. Second, it gives us both a safe way to explore whether or not we work well together before there’s any financial commitment. I really like both of those results and I hope you will too.

So back to the question:

If I could give you an ability to learn what works:
1. Whilst Helping Others
2. To Help Even More People
3. Through a step-by-step ‘Recipe’
4. Which would lead to a snowball effect for your own success, as you’re quickly identifying what does and doesn’t work for you…

…would you be interested?

If yes, just say hi in the comments box, and let me know which piece most appeals to you, then I’ll contact you separately to start the ball rolling…

how to help one hundred thousand

Do You Want To Help Many More People Be Successful Too?