[Video] The Quick Focus Exercise

In this video:
00:25   Quick focus exercise
01:15   Competence in marketing, technology and productivity
01:47   Helping people about Leverage
01:57   Goal Setting Program on the list
02:24   Helping build trust and credibility

Hi this is Jamie

Today we’re going to talk about a very quick little exercise you can do to focus yourself. Talking about how that same exercise has taken me in a new direction and also what I’ve got in store for you in the next couple of weeks.

So this is me, let’s get into it…

The Quick Focus Exercise

Okay. Quick focus exercise to start.

Every ninety days you should be setting your goals.

So put into that same exercise to ask yourself these three questions:

  • Is there a real market need for what I sell today?
  • For that same market need how competent am I? Am I a true expert for what I do?
  • And lastly, how passionate are you about those two other things?

Because you need all three of those to succeed.

And if any one of those is dwindling you want to focus in all that to try workout what’s wrong with it and how you can get the three of those to gel together.

So the market needs the competence and the passion – You want to put those three together.

As a second point, I did that same exercise for me and I worked through and said “okay what do others talk to me as an expert and what am I competent in?”

And that was:

1. marketing,

2. technology and

3. productivity – those three things together.

And as I was making those notes, I wrote the words marketing, productivity, technology.

What does that give you?


It gives you leverage as a result. And that made me think around leverage and focusing on the leverage side of things. And it’s nice with my Automating You and the experience that I’m giving the people there who are really enjoying that experience when they see that in AutomatingYou.com.

Well for me now it really rings true on the leverage side of things.

You’re going to see more from me on leverage on how I can help you do a lot more leverage your side.

And lastly, something I’ve got up my sleeve for you.

Goal Setting Special

I’m going to make available in the next week or so my Goal Setting Program to my list – only to my list – my friends.

Basically at no charge!

At the moment, that’s part of the productivity pack which retails at $197.

Building Trust and Credibility

But I’m going to make the goals available for you really as a value ad for you – again helping build trust and credibility like you should be doing for your clients looking for prospects, looking for some really great tools that you have and look to give those away to help build that trust and credibility.

As you’ve probably seeing with the way I work. I’d walk the talk and I will be doing that for you as well.

So watch out for that in the next couple of weeks.

So this is me Jamie back in the summer of New Zealand. Looking to top of the pasty skin with a bit of Vitamin D.

But that’s all for me for now and I’ll be back and talk to you again soon.


Bye for now.