[Video] What If Your Business Grew Ten Fold?

In this video:
00:49 Thanks to my friends at New Zealand Chiropractic College
00:59 What happens if a part of my business was to expand ten times?
01:21 The 7 Steps I Use To Help Others
01:35 What are the right types of offers for your perfect type of person?
02:18 To double your business is relatively easy
03:14 The Pondering thought to work on your business

What if your business grew Ten Times?

Hi this is Jamie

In this week’s weekly news I just want really just give you one question – one single question which could change the way that you think about different parts of your business.

So let’s get into it!

A Shameless Plug to New Zealand Chiropractic College

Before we start today, before I give you the one question, special mention to my friends at New Zealand Chiropractic College.

The graduation ceremony that happened over the weekend just gone.

It was an honour and privilege my side to be the commencement speaker. I was able to meet some really great guys and girls there ranging from the faculty and the graduates and even the family.

So great to be a part of that – so thank you.

If you know anyone who’s in wants to be involved in chiropractic then well worth checking out the New Zealand Chiropractic College.

I’m allowed to give them a plug – ok? 🙂

The One Question To Ask Yourself To Grow To Your Next Level

So the one thing, the one question you want to be asking yourself is this:

What happens if a part of my business was to expand ten times?

How could I cope with that?

I framed my business into seven pieces, okay. It’s on the white board behind me. It’s written quite small (sorry) – I wasn’t intending to share this with you today. That’s just how my white board is anyway. 🙂

But the seven parts of any business are:

1. You – yourself. So how do you best manage your own mind set, your goals, etc?

2. Your Avatar – Next is your avatar. So you’re very specific person that you pick your product or services out which is number three or office.

3. Your Offers – What are the right types of offers for your perfect type of person?

4. Your Marketing – Number four is the marketing to help translate those offices to the person. And then next is when you do the right type of marketing, those perfect clients come to you which is then your sales conversation:

5. Your Sales – so your sales which I’m using to your delivery

6. Your Delivery – Delivery the promised product or service, and then finishes with support:

7. Your Support

So there’s the seven pieces.

If you think of your business like that, using those seven: If one of those was to grow by ten times, how could you deal with it?

And the first come to mind might be: “Well Jamie my business isn’t going to go ten times.”

But if you think about it like that: What would it be like ten times how is today?

It means you have to think in a different way.

How To Double Your Business (This Part is Easy(ish)!)

To double your business is relatively easy.

You do the same amount of work – you just work as twice as hard.

But when you’re trying to go ten times then you need a different mindset, you need different frameworks, a different way of thinking.

And so maybe the next time you have a problem in your business, ask yourself that question:

What happens if this problem was ten times its size?

How would I be able to deal with it?

What happens if I had ten times as many leads coming into my business? How could I deal with it?

Ten times is many sales. How could I deal with it?

Ten times amount to delivery or ten times amount to support. How could I better deal with it in my business?

And that’s going to get you think and talk in a different way.

Potentially it’s going to open some gaps and new knowledge – that’s okay! That’s healthy.

But just ask yourself that: What if this problem is ten times the size? How to deal with it then?

So that’s enough from me.

This week I’ll leave you with that pondering thought to work on your business.

Hope you have a great week and look forward to talking to you next time.

Bye for now.