Just a small step

Did you realise everything you’ve ever done in life started with a small step.

A leap of faith.

“This should work”


“I hope this works”


“Crap, this better work!!!”

Different levels of leaping, but it’s all about moving forward towards something.

When you want anything in life, its the end ‘thing’ we’re aiming for.

Whether that’s financial security, getting to certain levels of health, moving away from pain,…

Whatever it is we’re aiming at, it’s all about that first step.

And when you’re trying to help others, you have to help them take that very first step.


And here’s the kicker:

That first small step might actually be smaller than you realise


You’ve been trying to get someone to move too far or too quickly as a very first step.

Let me give you two examples:

The first is a client I’ve been working with, and a second is one of my own projects.

The client project first:

My client is the ChiCentre.

Their aim is to get fifty thousand people practicing Qi Gong (Chi Gong).

The teacher in the ChiCentre is likely the most experienced Qi Gong practioner in North America, and the story of his journey, and the impact on people and lives that have changed is amazing.

And whilst they know what they teach changes lives, they now want to help even more people, starting with time poor professional women.

In our strategy session, we walked through what they wanted for the time poor person: “To carve out ten minutes of uninterrupted time in their day, to practice (and feel the benefits) of Qi Gong.”

That is their goal.

To have a “10 Minute Miracle” each day.

(and the project and website is called the “10 minute miracle”)

But as we better understood the time poor professional, we realised that they wouldn’t just calve out ten minutes straight away – even though that sounds like a really small step – they’re too busy – they have too much on – why would they suddenly stop and do something else, when they already have hundreds of things on their list?

We need first a mini miracle, before the ten minute miracle: For the person to know they need this, as the step before the calving out the time.

So it’s an even smaller step:

Realise why 10 minutes each day can change your life.

That’s our new goal, just help them learn this, and deliver the information to them in a way they can absorb it in their time-poor busy day (we’re doing this through audio, so they can listen when travelling to or from work!).

So that fractional mini step, before the actual miracle.

And far too often, what we think is small (ten minutes in your day in this example), is actually quite a big leap for the person we’re trying to help!

That’s one example.

A second one that occurred to me is my crypto project, where i try and help people with what i’ve learned in my almost two year journey in the deep and dark realms of crypto.

And i realised, there are two very small steps to help someone with crypto – to get them started – they are:

  1. help them understand if crypto is something that interests them
  2. the initial technology setup, to be able to get their first crypto token.

And that’s it.

Once someone who classes themselves as not technical, or that crypto is too ‘complicated for them’ – if i can help them understand and achieve those first 2 steps, then we’ve both won.

They’ve empowered themselves to open up a brand new world for their own future.

And, if you agree with me, be in an amazing position to be able to help those around them (friends, family, and their kids), as crypto currency becomes adopted more and more, day in and day out, in every day lives.

There is still an opportunity to be an early adopter, and if you’re at least setup, and choose who to trust, you can still be in a great position whilst things like regulation, and the larger corporates (like Microsoft, Nike, Apple, etc) all start to get involved too.

So I’m working on those two steps, and I’ll let you know when the pages are ready on The Leveraged Wolf (link to website)

And for my Qi Gong client – if that’s of interest – click here and I’ll let you know when it’s live – Qi Gong interest clickable link that tags the person.

And as always, if you have any questions on anything above, just let me know!