Missing Momentum? – check these 5 things

I saw this list from a mentor of mine – Scott Oldford – he said this:

“Not getting the momentum you want in your business?

Generally it comes down 1 of 5 problems…

#1. You aren’t solving a problem that someone cares about solving.

#2. You aren’t explaining how you can help someone solve a problem.

#3. You aren’t in front of the right people that have the problem.

#4. You can’t solve the problem someone needs solved.

#5. You don’t care about the problem you’re solving.

That’s it.

Find which of the 5…

Solve that problem…

And your “problems” in business will radically disappear.

As if it’s magic.”

If you want help fixing whichever is your problem, get in touch, that’s what i do.