Brand new to marketing yourself online

You’re brand new to marketing yourself online, and you want the safest path for you...

If you don’t have any experience of marketing yourself online, it can be daunting.

Very daunting.

There’s so much you need to try to understand, and my role is to help guide you through what you need to learn.

It will be worth the time and effort you’ll need, now, to save you (time/money/frustration) down the road.

I say this because it is very easy to pay someone else to do it for you, but if you don’t understand what that person is doing, you’re more likely going to end up with you spending quite a bit of money and little to show for it (unfortunately).

There are literally tens of thousands of people calling themselves “Marketing Experts” today, some of them have a few months of experience themselves.

It’s scary on the range of quality, and the risks you have, to pick someone to help you.

I don’t take that lightly, and my aim is to help you as best as i can, with the 15+ years of experience I have doing this – online marketing – to make a living to allow me to look after my family.

Paying it Forward

Almost all of what I’ll share with you will be at no cost.

I’m trying to pay it forward.

But there will be opportunities for you to get even more help if you need it – either one of my next workshops on specific topics (that are less than $50 to join), or if you want a one-on-one Strategy Session with me to speed up your learning and results (that’s $1,000*).

It just depends on where you are today, your resources, and how fast you want to move.

I’m about to walk you through seven steps you must understand before you get started.

I’ll summarise the seven below, and each have more detail behind them.

Please take your time to understand them, and if you have questions, please ask them!

Ask Questions

If you have questions because something isn’t clear, likely your question (and my answer), will help others too!! You can ask questions at the bottom of every one of my training pages.

*reduced from $3,000 as you’re just getting started online.