How To Work Smarter With Your Email

A smarter way to get through your emails quicker – a small change that can give you a big result:


In this video:
00:26   A little trick on how to find things in your email
01:22   What that allows you to do?
01:50   How to do it?
02:48   What you need to focus on to grow your business?

How to Better Manage Your Email

In today’s video I want to share with you a little trick.  A little productivity trick I’ve worked out recently, that’s really helping me get more done, and I wanted to share it with you today, so let’s keep going.

Ok, so today’s productivity tip is all about how to better manage your email.

In Technology For Coaches there’s a video that with a little trick on how to be able to find things in your email, to save you getting distracted by your inbox when you go look for search.  And the link for that post is below for you to go and see that, if that’s helpful for you.

But this video today is all about how to be more productive in your email.

Now, every now and again, you’re probably like me that you have an overwhelm of email and you go to bed at night, and there are maybe two or three emails in your inbox.  You wake up in the morning and you’ve got 100.  Or you work through the day and you’re very diligent, so you don’t look at your emails for most of the day, which is the smart way to work, and then when you get back to your email inbox there’s 100 or 200 sitting there waiting for you.

What It Allows You To do

You may not have that many numbers but if you have a good number and you sometimes feel over whelmed, a really good way to manage your email is to filter it and search it by person.  What that allows you to do is, you can actually focus on one topic and one person and get through five or six emails really quickly, before you move on to the next person and the next project.

Because what you’ll probably find is when you look at a list of emails that have come in, in whatever order they’ve been sent to you in, you have to in your brain switch between person and project, person and project, person and project, which takes up some of your brain power.  Very quickly that becomes tiring.

A Great Way To Do It…

So what you can do there is filter it and alter it by people.  So you may have one customer, call him Jeff, and you can see all the Jeff emails, and you can deal with Jeff in one go.  And that means your brain doesn’t have to flick between different topics or projects or people.  You can fix that a lot quicker and then you can go on to the next person, “What emails have they sent me?” Ok that’s this topic and I can get through those.

If you prioritize your emails that way, when you’re trying to get over overwhelm, it’s a really great way to do it without giving you a headache, without thinking  I don’t want…that’s just too hard, I don’t want to go there, and that just makes it worse  by the way, because the emails keep building.

So that’s a great way…as a little tip, productivity tip.

Deal with your emails by person to be able to get through them a lot easier.

More  easier on your brain and a lot quicker to be able to help people, to get through your inbox,  to give you that clearer mind…the front of mind to keep that clearer, and help you focus on what you need to focus on to grow your business.

So this is Jamie, hopefully that’s helpful.

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Have a great day.

Bye for now.

How To Work Smarter With Your Email