I’m sitting here, conflicted, with what to share with you as I type… I’ve been quiet for 3 weeks because I’ve been in Thailand with the family Lovely holiday, and from that trip, there are lots of stories to share Lessons, insights, cool cultural things Whether it’s the elephant sanctuary, the remote islands, the warm […]


Today’s note is for you if you’re a parent… I’ve just finished listening to a great podcast – It’s “We Can Do Hard Things” by Glenn Doyle And it’s all about: Breaking Cycles and reparenting yourself Link is here – The episode description covers it nicely: The 3 most important things to say to […]


It’s only a small word, but it can change lives. And it could change yours, depending on how you use it: Ambition. What does it actually mean? “a strong desire to do or achieve something” is the definition And I was thinking about this recently, for both my clients and myself, in terms of “what’s […]


I’m sitting here, writing this to you, with a robot that’s cleaning around my feet… Last week I was MCing a 900 person event, and learnt about a robot that will soon be painting lines on the grass, for the football pitches at our local club… I drive a car which can mostly drive itself, […]

Sick on Fathers Day 🙁

I spent Fathers Day last Sunday on the couch, sick as the proverbial dog It’s not covid No, it’s not got a new fancy name It’s the old thing called Man Flu But as you can tell, I’m still living, because I’m writing this to you (So I’m ok now, thanks for checking!!! 🙂 ) […]

Reclaiming You

I just spent time with one of my clients, helping them free up multiple hours each week, so he can spend more time with his family AND work on his latest goal of becoming the new cross fit world champion. Happy days!! And the process is really simple, so thought I’d share it with you […]

Being a Dance Dad

I was talking to a lovely chap earlier this week He’s a fellow Dance Dad He spends his time travelling around the state (and I think country), with his daughter, as she competes at the top level for her age group He also runs a successful marketing agency, and we were trading stories, shared experiences, […]


Well that was an interesting start to the day Turning up at my youngest’s dance exam, seeing an ambulance at the doorway… …That can’t be good I thought… And it wasn’t The first dance exam of the day saw one of the girls dislocate her knee Ow. (And I think that’s an understatement) But an […]

Talking to Daughters

I’ve spent quite a bit of time recently helping dads, with daughters, who are looking to be a better version of themselves. And a great question I got this week was this: How do I better connect with my 14 and 16yo daughters? I loved this question for a few reasons: Every time I get […]