On your death bed, would you rather…?

I watched my eldest daughter perform on stage today. It was an annual event for her Speech and drama class. All parents were welcome to attend. It was 815-915am on a Tuesday morning. There were Three parents in total. And it got me thinking of the quote “on your death bed, would you rather have […]

Belief (part 2)

In the last note on Belief, it was about making sure you believed in yourself. No one else truly will, so you need to make sure you have that set. But as we dig deeper, and scratch the top of that ant hill, we need to look further into the catacombs of what’s driving us… […]


In times like we’re seeing today, belief is a really important part of being successful It’s also a double-edged sword Think about it: If you believe you’re going to be successful, whatever life throws at you, then you’re more than likely going to achieve that If you believe the world is conspiring against you, then […]

What’s your X Factor?

Here’s something to think about over the weekend… I’m going to pose you a question Do with it what you will… – think about it – discard it – change your life with it …totally your call 🙂 And what is the question? It’s “What’s your X Factor”? I’ve used the same question twice this […]

Many Entrepreneurial Lessons Wrapped Up In One Place

I was going to write this on Tuesday, when I first read the news. But I wanted to wait until today for a reason. It’s about a guy who died. And yes, it’s sad. Very moving. But more importantly, it’s what you can take from his journey to inspire other people, to make sure we’ve […]

Is this the most important question you’ll ever be asked?

This is one relatively short video, with one very important question – the question starts at the 30 second mark, the question finishes at the 67 second mark, but then listen to what happens next…: And once you’ve heard what we talk about, and the options to answer “the question”, I’ve got this question for you:

Step 7 – Your Support

Here’s the final step in the 7 Step Leverage Blueprint – Your Support which can be a great way to generate more repeat sales and referrals for your business. In this video: 00:39  The final step in the Seven Step Blueprints 02:18  Setting up systems to be able to leverage you 02:56  Building extra levels […]

“Shave Me, Baby!”

Now that’s a strange conversation starter in any situation, but when two blokes are talking to each other in the local football club, it makes you wonder… …but before I explain about the shaving, I’ll quickly introduce myself (the short version): – An Englishman who got drunk one night in London, met a Kiwi lass, […]

Step 6 – Your Delivery

In today’s video we talk through the Step 6 in the 7 Step Blueprint – your delivery which is going to start giving you more and more leverage to grow your business. In this video: 00:37    A quick recap on the 7 Step Blueprint 01:33    The three levels of delivery 03:17    Making money while you […]