Unlimited Content (in your head)

Every time you help a client with a problem, figure out the quickest way to get that same message out to your audience. Why? Because there will be other people who have the same problem, so you showing them: They’re not alone How you dealt with it How you could help them too You’re walking […]

Is SendFox right for you?

Launches (a walk through)

After sharing a case study last week, I’ve been asked by a number of fellow business owners: “what does a launch entail?” The launch model “The Docuseries Model” I was asked in a Marketing Community to teach others about launches, so I wrote this for them, and share this here with you now: Who am […]

Launches (case study)

A launch is an online event, which if done right, can transform your business, literally overnight. My team and I are probably the most experienced launch support company in existence, after running close to 70 launches in the past 8 years. In the interview below, I walk through the experience of one of our clients, […]

Step 7 – Your Support

Here’s the final step in the 7 Step Leverage Blueprint – Your Support which can be a great way to generate more repeat sales and referrals for your business. In this video: 00:39  The final step in the Seven Step Blueprints 02:18  Setting up systems to be able to leverage you 02:56  Building extra levels […]

Step 6 – Your Delivery

In today’s video we talk through the Step 6 in the 7 Step Blueprint – your delivery which is going to start giving you more and more leverage to grow your business. In this video: 00:37    A quick recap on the 7 Step Blueprint 01:33    The three levels of delivery 03:17    Making money while you […]

Step 5 – Your Sales

In this video we talk through the 5 steps for an easy sales conversion and converting people into customers. In this video: 00:46    A recap of the 7 Step Blueprint 01:17    5 steps for easy sales conversation 05:10    A quick recap of the 5 Steps 05:37    Building up your marketing education 5 Important Points To […]

Step 4 – Your Marketing

In today’s tip, I’m going to be explaining why Marketing is step 4 in my 7 step process, and the three pieces you need to get right: In this video: 01:23   Your Marketing – step 4 of the 7 step process 02:10   Three ways to frame marketing 05:16   Understanding the media channels 06:37   Leading […]

Step 3 – Your Offers

  In this video: 00:16   Bring more money to your business 01:22   Having multiple offers 02:25   Case Study: Step by step training for specific type of coach 04:14   A different offer for a different Avatar Step #3 – All About Your Offers In today’s video I’m going to Step 3 of my 7 Step […]