50 done, and I’m just getting started…

I’ve just put my pen down… Is it me, or when you write a lot with your pen, you think you’re back in school in an exam? Maybe just less the sweaty palms? Or the knowing that tonights writing might actually come to something? Brainstorming 50 I was brainstorming headlines for a client – I’m […]

Wet Fish Face Slap Marketing

You know somethings good when it smacks you across the face like a wet fish. OK, ok, I know – I haven’t been slapped by a wet fish either recently, but you get my point? Today’s Marketing Call In my call this morning on Marketing Can Be Fun we talked about how to frame one problem […]

Hold on a cotton-pickin’ minute

That’s what I just said to a friend in America… “Hold on a cotton pickin minute!” Do you do that? Switch into local lingo as though your saddling up next to them to have a chat, even though you’re either 5 or 5,000 miles away? And then I asked: how long is a cotton-pickin minute? […]

Admit It. You’re Unique. Read Me First.

Admit It. You’re Unique – You have a blend of skills, experience and quirks that make you uniquely you. If you use this blend to help others as an Expert or a Consultant, then perhaps we’re right for each other. Why could I be right for you? If you know you’re really good at what […]

Marketing Health Check. A Gift As A Thank You.

Hi I’ve put together a 30 minute health check that any business owner can use to make sure they’re not wasting hundreds, thousands, if not ten’s of thousands in in-effective marketing. It’s as a thank you for visiting my website today to find out more about me. All you need to do to get access […]

The Profit Partnership

The company that I’ve setup to help experts achieve much more than ever before. Check out the site here: The Profit Partnership