Step 4 – Your Marketing

In today’s tip, I’m going to be explaining why Marketing is step 4 in my 7 step process, and the three pieces you need to get right: In this video: 01:23   Your Marketing – step 4 of the 7 step process 02:10   Three ways to frame marketing 05:16   Understanding the media channels 06:37   Leading […]

Va Va Voom! – How to Sell A Car

Here’s how to sell a car – how could any man say no? Question: Will it make you want to buy a Renault Clio? Answer: Probably not… …but would you share the video with your friends, and over time would they then look at the Renault garage a second and third time as they drove […]

[Video] How One Idea is Worth Half a Million Pound

  In this video: 00:32                A Great Story – “Acres of Diamonds” 01:29                Talking about a five hundred thousand pounds a year business 01:57                Marketing to the “Perfect” type of clients 02:35                Paying Yourself First – for business to move forward 03:04                How to simplify your life? 04:07                Mapping Technique – soon on Jamie McKean […]

Another Tip to Tame your Emails

In my Productivity course, I explain the four parts of Distraction Management – Email being a big one of the four. I show you how you can truly tame your emails, so you’re the dog and you wag your own tail, instead of email wagging you all day: Oooh – another email… Oh, I must […]

50 done, and I’m just getting started…

I’ve just put my pen down… Is it me, or when you write a lot with your pen, you think you’re back in school in an exam? Maybe just less the sweaty palms? Or the knowing that tonights writing might actually come to something? Brainstorming 50 I was brainstorming headlines for a client – I’m […]